From Oz to Ireland

Ireland, sir, for good or evil, is like no other place under heaven, and no man can touch it’s sod or breathe it’s air without becoming better

George Bernard Shaw – Irish Playwright

From its sweeping rugged coastlines and lush green rolling hills to its bustling cosmopolitan heart there is much to satisfy the curiosity of the inquisitive traveller in the Emerald Isle.  Ireland welcomes you with open arms like a warm hug offering a magical combination of soulful Irish music and the comforting taste of hearty Irish Stew washed down with a pint of Guinness.  This experience is enhanced even further by the lilting accents of the Irish.  They are wonderful conversationalists, modest yet so proud of their country.  Their undivided attention will warm your heart as though you’ve been friends for life.  Then when you hit the road be prepared for the variety of stunning landscapes to take your breath away.  Literally!  You will fall in love with life again in all its glory, hardship, heartbreak, happiness and hope.  Battling the almighty winds and the relentless drizzle to soak up the exquisite beauty of the Cliffs of Moher was an unforgettable experience.

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