Who am I?

Hi, I’m Emma and like many Australians am passionate about travel.  I’ve visited numerous countries and look forward to seeing many more. This blog combines my two passions, travel and writing sharing my travel experiences. In doing so I would like to connect with others who are also keen travellers sharing happy snaps, stunning scenery, poignant moments and points of interest about the places we visit.  

To me, there is something innately magical about travel.  From arriving at the airport to boarding the plane I get this giddy sense of excitement and anticipation building…what’s coming next? I can hardly wait! It’s like taking this plunge, like a dive off a bungy jump, into the vast unknown.  I love that sense of exhilaration as the plane takes off and then again as the plane touches down in a foreign land.  Thinking to myself…hmmmm what’s next?  I can’t wait to get out and explore. It’s kind of exclusive, somewhat mysterious…

More about the focus for my blog

Let’s prepare for take off….;)